So, I made Andrew come with me this weekend to join the lines of female fans to watch Twilight. I was very excited, since I have read the books, and Andrew was a kind enough husband to accompany me :)
I LOVED the movie--it's great to see books I like on screen. And, Andrew admits that he rather liked it as well. So, go and see it! It's a fun movie. Here are some pics from our wait in line--it was a Saturday matinee show, mind you.


It's done!

Okay, so the rest of the pictures are here! Beware--there are about a million of them. But, the photographer did an amazing job and we are happy with everything! So, enjoy :)

Clike HERE, and then on "Andrew & Elyse" to view the pics.


Picture Preview

So, some of our professional wedding pics are up on the photographers blog! It's just a preview--we'll let you know when the full array are available. Click here to see 'em.


Playful Penguins

Okay, this is SO random, but I was in six hours of class today and this video was definitely the highlight! Penguins are so funny. Enjoy.


The Honeymoon

We had a really fun time in Palm Springs! Even though we were only there for a few days, we got to just relax, lay-out by the pool in 83˚ weather, eat like kings, get massages, and shop.

Thanks to Summer & Bryan, and Katie & Tanner, we stayed at the Palm Desert Marriott Villas the first night. Then for the remainder of our visit at our family condo in Palm Springs.

Downtown Palm Springs

Sipping down some amazing pumpkin blends from The Coffee Bean.

My (Andrew) other love.

I had to show Elyse this house where the owner builds giant robots out of junk and puts them on his property line. So cool.

'Tis the season for Santa's Reindeer.


Mr. & Mrs.

Here are just a few pictures snapped throughout the day. The wedding was great, and everything looked and tasted wonderful. We'll let you know of the photographer's website, when the real ones are ready to view.

A must have before the reception

Cute little Ashlyn


Our personalized M&Ms

The Bridesmaids