I love Valentine's Day because...

I know most people think they're gross--"tastes like chalk" is the usual description--but I am an addict of the Necco Sweethearts candies! I have a super sweet tooth, and nothing does it for me like these things. I start buying them ASAP when they hit stores--I think I've already gone through a bag and a half! Sick...but, I do only like the yellow, orange, and green ones. So I don't really eat the whole bag :) Anyone else with me that these things are delish?


2nd Street!

So, when we designed our amazing wedding announcements (I'm not biased...) I encouraged my uber-creative husband to start a mini wedding/baby/whatever announcement business. He was reluctant at first--until one of my friend's friends asked him to design her announcements! That lit a fire within, and now I occasionally regret my urging, as he uses much of his spare time to fiddle on Photoshop and design new stuff.

He fittingly named his little business "2nd Street Print Design" since our first house here in Provo is off 200 North. I thought it was precious! Ha. Tonight he let me give more input than usual and we came up with a nautical themed wedding announcement. If I could get married again, in the spring, and on the east coast--I would use this announcement! I'm proud to partially claim it. So here it is:

And you can check out the rest of his designs on his blog here. Hope everyone is well! :)

Snow Bear

Just came across this on the web, thought it looked funny.


Our Home Office

After a night of painting and a week of finishing odds and ends, we completed our office remodel. We think it turned out pretty darn cool.

The hardest part was mounting the shelves--seemed impossible at one point, does anyone care to vent with me on how difficult that is to do? I got so frustrated at how it did not matter how many times I measured, once I drilled and placed a shelf, it was crooked. Anyways, it's done. And that is all that matters.



I think we did pretty good budget wise. The total came to $70 bucks.

Paint & supplies: $10 - Walmart
Shelves: $8 a piece - Target
Rug: $20 - Ikea
Frames: gift
Etc: previously owned goods


Belated Holiday

Hello! So, we went to an "after Christmas" Christmas party last weekend--and I figured it's still okay to blog about our Christmas, even if I am a few weeks late!

We spent the big day here in Provo with the Rasmussen clan. It was so fun and we scored in the gift department--clothes, cologne, a Wii, watches, shoes, make-up, tools, etc. But, mostly it was fun to be with all the fam, with the three additions of 2008--Andrew, Carissa, and Ashlyn!

After Christmas, we flew out to California to defrost and spend some quality time with the Garlock crew! We went to Palm Springs, laid out (!!!!), shopped, explored San Diego (my new fav city!), watched movies, etc. It was so fun and flew by way too fast!

So now we are back in Provo, back to school, and frozen once more. But, loving life all the same :) Hope everyone is well!

Here are some pics from the holiday--enjoy!

Andrew got me a subscription to Real Simple for Christmas--Yay! He gave this to me on Christmas morning to show that.

Jace made "stockings" for all of us to put nice things about each other in, so we did that on Christmas Eve! He's so cute and getting so smart!

Me and the cute baby Ashlyn! She's such a happy little gal.

Jenna and Brennan helped Andrew and I make this awesome gingerbread house. We tried to make a pitched roof--but obviously failed! Still looks okay though.

Andrew and Brennan enjoying Mario Kart Wii on Christmas morning.

The plaid couple on Christmas morning!

Braxton was up ALL night on Christmas Eve. So, here he is finally waking up at NOON on Christmas day! He was still so excited about his gifts--as was Jace as well!

We went to this guy's house in Palm Springs who decorates his yard with "robots" made out of scraps and junk he finds. Strange to say the least! He's apparently mentally handicapped but brilliant--a second Rain Man.

Here I am in the middle of the "hallway" in the man's yard.

The front of the house! Interesting...

One of the robots

One of the BIGGER robots. He has an electric heart. Strange.

I found me new FAVORITE restaurant in L.A.--Ketchup! It has five types of gourmet ketchup, three types of french fries, and some killer sloppy joes. Plus, a very chic atmosphere. Can't wait to go back!

Holding the table centerpiece (a tomato) and basking in the Ketchup glow!

Andrew displaying the five types of Ketchup. Our fav was maple!

The Ketchup bottle mosaic on the wall.

We also went to see Wicked in L.A.--courtesy of the Garlock parents--and LOVED it! I want to see it again ASAP.



Did I mention I HATE snow? That is all. Can't wait to feel warm again.



Yep, you're looking at our future first born! Thanks to Volkswagen, we have a glimpse of baby G. All we did was upload two cropped photos of each other and made a baby.

Click here to see for yourself, it's pretty fun. If you've already got kids, see if your computer generated baby looks anything like yours.