I am the Biggest Loser.

I'm the biggest loser...because last night while I was watching the most recent episode of the Biggest Loser, I totally cried my eyes out! It was so touching! I've watched the show before, and love how real it is and how much people can accomplish. Seriously, so cool. So watch it! And you can be a biggest loser, too :)

PS...Yes, this is my 3rd blog post for today. I'm making up for my slacking ways.

Gross. Be warned.

Here's an actual picture of me at clinical. People say I'm a great nurse.

Okay, so most of you know that I am in nursing school--mostly because it consumes my life the majority of the time. So, I've seen a LOT in nursing school...a lot of nasty stuff to be exact. And, as I was always advised, I have "gotten used" to most of the grimier aspects of nursing. One thing I have never been able to stomach though--vomiting. Bleh. All the nurses I have worked with seem so nonchalant about it. They clean it up, see it, no big deal. Not me--ask Andrew, I have a weird phobia of it.

So, I've always been sort of worried...will I be a bad/wimpy nurse? Or at least somewhat deficient because of this weakness. I have learned recently that the answer is no. Two reasons:

1) We met with the Life Flight nurses last week--they fly in the helicopter and treat/pick up really serious patients. Needless to say, they see some pretty intense stuff. Well, one of the Life Flight nurses said the one thing he can't handle is vomit! So, if he can't handle it, and he's the most hard core type of nurse out there, I think I'll be okay.

2) This is the gross part--stop reading if you want. I was in clinical this week and got to put an NG tube down a patient--this basically goes through your nose, down your throat, to your stomach to suck stuff out. Anyway, because of where the tube passes--the back of the throat--it tends to make people gag. Or worse, vomit. I had heard this before, and I was pretty nervous as I went to insert the tube on this patient. So, my worst nightmare happened...you can guess what it is. And it was bad--everywhere, on me, bleh. Bleh bleh bleh. BUT, I totally kept my cool! I don't even know why or how...maybe the adrenaline of the situation and that I had to still get the tube down. Anyway, at no point did I feel sick, lightheaded, anxious, etc. It was a miracle!

I don't know if I could pull it off again, but I was proud of myself for that one time at least. Anyway, just wanted to share. Sorry this was so long and gross...happier posts to come! :)


It's COLD! What the heck? Okay, so the other day I said I was ready for fall the be here--mostly fall fashion actually, boots, coats, etc. Little did I know, this great state of Utah would skip fall and go straight to winter for me! Be careful what you wish for...



Sorry I haven't blogged in such a long time...school has taken over my life! It's pretty bad this semester. But, I promise we're both still alive and doing well :). The next two days are stuffed to the brim, but after that I promise to do the best blog post ever! Til then--wish me luck!



Check out Lady GaGa's multiple outfits at the MTV Video Music Awards. All I can say is weirdo!


By the way...

School started! I guess we've been so busy with school stuff that I haven't blogged about it! Andrew's schedule is a grueling start-at-2 pm each day. I'm so jealous. Thankfully, I only have two really early days--class at 8 am Tuesdays, and clinical at 5:30 am Wednesdays. This semester I am doing ICU and Psych nursing. I am really excited about ICU--also scared. It's pretty intense. Today, I had to go to the hospital to pick a patient to pre-assess, and while I was there they called a code blue! Which, pretty much, means that someone is dying and needs to be saved. There were, like, 40 people in the room and the wife was out there crying. It's pretty important stuff we're learning this semester, and it just amazes me that people will trust me with lives! Well, sort of--I do have a nurse I work with...Anyway, Andrew is excited to be on his LAST semester, and I am excited to be on my LAST year! WOO! Wish us luck :)

Oh my.

Oh me, oh my--I cut my hair! Not that short. But, about 6 inches off! I came back to school and everyone had cute haircuts, and I was inspired. So, here it is! It's quite exhilarating.

PS--Have mercy on me, this is after a long day of school and labs. It's a bit frazzled.


Rise and Shout, the Cougs are OUT.

Woo! After an intense season-opening game against #3 Oklahoma, our Cougs came together to score an amazing victory. I stress out easily over these games, and my blood pressure was through the roof. It was AMAZING. Such a good start to the season! Makes me sort of glad that I'm a senior in my 6th year of college--maybe this is the one.

PS--That's Harvey Unga in the picture celebrating--he didn't play because of an injury and the loss of 20 pounds from fighting the Swine Flu! Poor guy!


The City.

Last weekend, Andrew and I ventured to San Francisco with Dana & Beth for a mini-vacation before school started. I was told that people in San Francisco don't call it that--they refer to it as "The City". Hence, the title! We're natives, basically.

Anyway, it was such a fun time! We walked our little tushes off, shopped like crazy (more like browsed, actually), ate some amazing local food (Mama's breakfast--heaven), fried in the abnormal heat wave (we're talking 95 degrees!), and most of all--relaxed! It was a much needed break from work and school before life got crazy. It's such a fun city, full of diverse people, and did I mention the shopping? Geesh. Thanks Dana & Beth. We love you!
Ghiradelli square--I recommend the mint ice cream with dark chocolate fudge sundae. Wow.

Golden Gate Bridge! Full House theme song come to mind?

Looking like a tourist. The binoculars don't even work. Bleh.

A cute candy shop at the farmer's market--I want those cake platters!

The "Painted Ladies"--another Full House moment.

Cool architecture! Love cities for that reason.

Trolley ride! The sun was obviously in my eyes...



It's the second day of school--first day of my nursing classes--and I'm sitting here alone in the Wilk on my break, surrounded by flocks of hormonal, flirtatious young adults. I would usually crave someone's company amidst all this chaos, but I feel like I've come to a different point in life where I'm done with this place. I no longer want to flirt (obviously...Andrew wouldn't be too happy about that) or be in the "in" crowd. I have my few friends left--they're dwindling, due to recent graduations--and I'm happy with them and Andrew until April. I've loved BYU, don't get me wrong, but I've moved on...a year too early, unfortunately :) April, graduation, and real grown-up life here I come!