Okay, so I turned into a crazy person last night and decided to take both of my finals today. I felt slightly like I was in a manic phase (studying for a Psych exam--had to throw it in there) all day long. I woke up early, took my ICU final, then studied all day to take my Psych final. And they're done! There's no sweeter view than the one leaving the testing center, just days from Christmas, with the load of finals off my back. Ah.
  • Funny story about my first test (at least it's funny now): I came down to the TV to see my score and saw that I got a 52%--that's just not a common thing for me, and I felt pretty good about the test, so I started to freak out aka almost cry. I went back upstairs, feeling stupid, and said, "uh, I know this sounds dumb, but there's no way I did this bad." Long story short, the test was miskeyed and my score thankfully improved after it was corrected :).

Also, Andrew finished his last final exam today as well--and is done with college! I'm so proud of him, and am amazed at the differences in our brains. He is so creative and insightful when it comes to advertising. It's something I just don't get very well! So, I'm glad to have someone who compliments me so well.

Also, we've (or I've) been stressing out a lot lately about Andrew finding a job for next semester. After many prayers and hours of worrying, some promising opportunities are starting to arise. So, I'm grateful for that. I know that times of trial are to test and strengthen us, and if we do good, Heavenly Father always follows with blessings.

I can finally get into the Christmas spirit now, and start all the sewing projects, baking, books, organizing, etc. I've been eager to tackle. Yay!



The week is here. Two finals to go each (Andrew has a final and a paper left). Goal: done by Wednesday. Wish us luck!!

PS--Andrew will be done with college forever once these are done!! (unless he decides to go back sometime of course).


Oh Christmas Tree.

So, yesterday we got our Christmas tree, and I'm very excited about it! I love live trees--they smell so good--and we can't afford a fake one this year even if we wanted to get one. So, we went to a local tree farm and got this little beaut for a nice price of $17. She's a little small, but certainly warms up our home with her nice glow. So, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Only 15 days... :)

With the presents I've already wrapped...thanks to Andrew's help!

A close-up.

The tree looked hilariously small on top of Lola. But, we were proud :)



I've been meaning to blog about this--we saw The Blind Side over Thanksgiving break and it was INCREDIBLE! I almost cried a few times. It was so inspiring, funny, heartwarming...and a true story. It's a must see. So, you must see it!

We also saw New Moon, which was better than the first movie (Twilight). I love the books--yes, I'm a nerd--and I love seeing books come to life on the big screen. Oh, and speaking of, there is a very small preview of the next Harry Potter movie (yeah!) here if you're interested.

And finally--only 16 days til Christmas! WOO!


It's beginning to look a lot like...Christmas!

Well, we woke up Sunday morning to THIS! The white stuff has finally made its appearance in Provo. I'm not gonna lie (and I'm sure I'll regret saying this when it's still snowing in March)--I'm actually really excited! I have been in the Christmas mood for a while now (Andrew can confirm this, as I've made him help me wrap all our gifts already), and the snow fits perfectly with my mood. The only unfortunate thing is that I have 8 am class tomorrow...I'm thinking my mood might be affected slightly when I find my car trapped in snow.

But, wherever you are--MERRY CHRISTMAS! I love this time of year.