Vote for Fictionist in the Choose the Cover of Rolling Stone Contest! They're an amazing band from Provo, Utah, and some incredibly talented musicians. Click on this link to go to their contest page and rate them. Also, check out their music (I especially like "Before I'm Old") and their awesome music video!

AND PS: They'll appear on our favorite of shows, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon! Woo!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Wishing everyone lots of love.

Just had to show this card Andrew got me, thought it was hilarious/adorable. Love him!!


Baby Bump & Nursery Update.

The time is fast approaching when little girl will be here with us, and I'm kind of freaking out! Ever since I hit 30 weeks the time has seemed to be flying. I'm in fight or flight mode trying to get everything ready for her arrival. Good news: we've made lots of progress on the nursery because of it! So, here's a recent bump pic (33 weeks, 4 days) and some updated pics of the nursery. Enjoy!

Bumpity, bump, bump.

Pillow I made last night for the rocker!

The bigger effect. Also made the curtain last night (with Andrew's help measuring and hanging).

Refinished dresser on the left, new paint and knobs. Thanks Mom & Dad for the donation :)

Shelves, expertly painted and hung by Andrew while I was at work :)


It's here.

Our iPhones came via FedEx today and I am beyond excited! We've been holding out with Verizon for the day they'd get the iPhone, and I am happy to retire the old brick I was using. Yay!

Salt City Burger Co. Delish.

Okay, anyone in Utah, you HAVE to try this place--Salt City Burger Co.. They have locations in Sandy & Bountiful, and although this may be a trek for some, it will be so worth it! We went there a couple weekends ago and got a burger, shakes, and fries (half regular, half sweet potato). Holy cow. That's all I can say...it's delicious (and it's not just the pregnancy talking)! I am not usually a huge burger person, but this was incredible. And, the milkshake was an actual milkshake, not just a lot of soft ice cream like most places. And the fries... Well, anyway, if you get a chance, we highly recommend it!


Bringin' Spring.

I have been in an oddly crafty mood this week (maybe it's "nesting", who knows), which has been nice for making the days pass quickly. I decided to bring a little spring to our home in these freezing temps, and make a wreath that my lovely friend, Camille, posted on her blog. She's so darn crafty, I love it. Anyway, I made this little wreath to bring some sunshine to our door. It was surprisingly VERY easy, and took very little time--my kind of project! So, to you and yours, happy early spring!



I've had a few requests for pictures of the inside of our new place. I've been working to unpack boxes, organize, and decorate for the last couple months, and though I'm not nearly done with everything, here's a peek at some of the progress!

The family room--still need to do a couple more pillows, not sure what color yet though. And please notice Andrew's handy work of the mounted TV and shelf--he's very proud :)

Beginnings of baby girl's room. Still need to make a curtain and pillow for the rocker, put knobs on the dresser, pictures in the frames, hang some shelves...but, it's a start! And, I made that white crib skirt (the only one I could find was $60! I couldn't bring myself to pay that), which I'm quite proud of. The hardest part was actually bending over to cut the fabric, oy.

The upstairs guest (future baby) bathroom.

The rest of the rooms in the house will be debuted at a later time, once I'm happy with them :)

Baby Brielle.

I promised pics of my new niece, so here we go! She's a little darling.

She's already won grandpa over, of course.