I've had a few requests for pictures of the inside of our new place. I've been working to unpack boxes, organize, and decorate for the last couple months, and though I'm not nearly done with everything, here's a peek at some of the progress!

The family room--still need to do a couple more pillows, not sure what color yet though. And please notice Andrew's handy work of the mounted TV and shelf--he's very proud :)

Beginnings of baby girl's room. Still need to make a curtain and pillow for the rocker, put knobs on the dresser, pictures in the frames, hang some shelves...but, it's a start! And, I made that white crib skirt (the only one I could find was $60! I couldn't bring myself to pay that), which I'm quite proud of. The hardest part was actually bending over to cut the fabric, oy.

The upstairs guest (future baby) bathroom.

The rest of the rooms in the house will be debuted at a later time, once I'm happy with them :)


Diana Hulme said...

very cute! :)

Ben, Ashley, and Nate said...

Adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Annie. said...

Love. Does it freak you out if I save a couple of the pics in my "home inspiration" files? Especially the living room - so lovely.