California Dreaming

We are going to California in TWO days! We are so excited and ready for a much needed break from work and rather monotonous life--and our hot house! We're going to work on our tans, relax, celebrate the fourth, and have fun with family. So, please let Thursday afternoon come quick!


Love him.

Andrew and I have really been into Late Night with Jimmy Fallon recently. He is absolutely hilarious! From a spoof on The Hills called "7th Floor West" to Slow Jamming the News with his great band (the Roots), Jimmy always delivers a laugh. Too bad it's on so late! Let's just say we've had to adjust out schedules a bit to accommodate.


I Love Fathers.

Will one day be the best dad ever :)

My wonderful dad--love him so so much!

The Dana (father-in-law of the year)

Happy Fathers' Day to all the amazing dads in my life!


Happy 23rd.

I just wanted to wish Elyse a Happy Birthday! Hope you have the best day! Sorry it's not sunny out today.

I don't remember when I took this picture, but I definitely caught her off guard when I did--hope she doesn't mind I put it up.


Aw, Nuts.

I have always hated raw nuts--unless they have chocolate around them, I won't eat them. However, within the last couple of months I have come to adore raw almonds. I had some at work (while no one was watching) and decided I actually love them!

Not to mention they're very healthy--lot's of fiber and omega-3 (good) fats! I keep 'em in my purse and they hold me over through the day.


Where the heck is Wisconsin?

So, I spent the last weekend in Madison, Wisconsin attending the American Holistic Nurses Association conference (I'm in a holistic nursing class this spring--hence, the trip).

Before, during, and after the trip I had one question plaguing my mind: where is Wisconsin? Anyone who knows me well knows I'm absolutely clueless when it comes to geography. However, after asking at least four people at the conference, I realized nobody really knows where Wisconsin is! I got answers like, "um, I think it's like by the big lakes...", and "the midwest". I finally looked at a map when I got back, and for your info the great state of Wisconsin is by Minnesota and Michigan.

Anyway, the conference was interesting, to say the least. Holistic nurses often practice "complimentary" healing techniques that involve auras and chakras. So, you can guess the kind of people that were there! However, holistic nurses also emphasize stress relief, self-care, and relaxation, and for that I was grateful!

Most of all though I was SO SO happy to come home to this cute guy :)

With my classmates outside the capitol.

Wisconsin is famous for its cheese, cream, dairy products, etc. I found this sign in an ice cream shop and thought it was pretty hilarious.

My pal Whitney and I by a lake we walked to...pretty picture!

Flowers at the Farmer's Market downtown.

Getting down at the drum circle night! ha


A Hundred Dollars?

I could buy a three legged dog from Victorville. Sorry, inside joke for my sister Katie and any others who were on that Mead trip in '01.

No we haven't joined the club yet, but we were further coaxed since the 3G is now only $99--hello! Anyways, once they're available on Verizon, consider the switch made.

P.P.P.S. Elyse really didn't react that crazy when I shaved my head. I might've embellished the story a little bit just to tease her.


Buzz, etc.

I just want to add that I really am not as shallow as that post made me sound! I still love my husband and think he is adorable :) So, please, don't judge too harsh.



Andrew here. So last week I shaved my head after months of Elyse begging me not to. The initial shock lead to a period of silence on her part, but now she loves it. Elyse however, made me promise to never do it again because she loves my curls too much.

Was I the only one to see the potential for a striking resemblance to Christian Bale or David Beckham? Except that I'm still working on the growth of facial hair.

Addendum by Elyse: I never said I "love" it. But, he's still cute of course.

Addendum by Andrew: She loves it.