Poor Lola.

Disclaimer: Photo has been dramatized for effect.

So, Andrew and I stayed inside for the first half of the day working on homework and studying for tests. As we went outside so Andrew could drop me at the testing center, I went to my pretty wagon's door and what did I see? An egg. An EGG! Okay, we don't really have any enemies (I don't think), so I'm assuming it was some punk teens or immature college freshman. Whoever it was--watch out! Nobody messes with Lola without messing with me.

Thankfully, Andrew, being the good husband he is, washed her while I was taking my test. And, thankfully, I did well on my test. So, it my day wasn't totally ruined. But, come on, I live in Provo! I shouldn't have to worry about such miscreants.

On a happier note--it's almost Thanksgiving! Thank goodness. We will be trekking to good ol' Prescott, AZ to dine with Andrew's grandparents and our Garlock family. Andrew's grandpa, Harry, is apparently an amazing Turkey chef, so it should be delish. We're excited to get away from school, and even more excited that the semester's almost totally done! Hope you all have a great and safe holiday!


Oh baby.

Okay, I'm not baby hungry yet--but, I was bored in class the other day and decided to pick out some of the items I will buy/hopefully have gifted to me once we do have a little munchkin. So, here are my finds:

The Orbit Infant System--the car seat swivels, it has a big storage bag underneath, and it has two cupholders! Hello. Drawback--it's pricey. I'm hoping some rich people will sell their gently used one on craigslist for me to buy one day :)
Kate Spade "baby bjourn"-type baby carrier. So cute, looks comfy, and the stripes are doin it for me.

Let me know if you have any other amazing baby finds/essentials! And once again, we're NOT prego. This is just what hours of my boring psych class do to me. Yay for the semester coming to a close!

And PS--another thing that has gotten me thinking of baby's lately is the fact that I found out my Capstone (internship) rotation next semester is going to be in labor & delivery at Timpanogos Hospital! I'm so excited, it's exactly what I wanted.


Our First Halloween.

We came, we costumed, we conquered. Actually, not so much, but it was still a good Halloween--our first one married (last year we were having our family wedding dinner!). We celebrated our anniversary during the day by walking around the pretty grounds of Thanksgiving Point and going to Happy Sumo.

I was very excited to get trick-or-treaters, so I made sure we got home in time. I threw together a last-minute cat outfit (I like to dress up for the kids, too!), and prepped the candy dish. We were going to watch some scary movies on TV while waiting for the youngsters--but, weirdly enough, none were on. Disappointing. And, weirdly enough, we only got like 10 trick-or-treaters. Sigh. I was a sad kitty. Oh well! Hopefully once we move into a neighborhood without so many college students, we will get more kidd-o's coming for candy.

Dastardly Dinner Party.

Don & Betty Draper from AMC's Mad Men

The table. Pretty.

I made these pom poms I found on Martha Stewart's website. It's one of my few creative projects that has turned out looking half decent!

Appetizers! Yum. I love butternut squash SO much (in the salad).

Another table shot.

The Obamas. They were incredible. I was mad at them all night for some reason though...ha.

Gray's Anatomy's Meredith & Richard Simmons. What a perfect couple.

The newlyweds. Must have had some trouble on the way home from the wedding!

The most "in character" of all, Hans Solo and Princess Leia

Gloria's yummy and pretty cake

Some pictures from the Dastardly Dinner Party we threw with Mitch & Glo on Halloween Eve. It was so much fun, and we're glad everyone could come! However, due to the lack of dishwasher, I won't be hosting another party any time soon :)


Happy 1st!

It's our ONE YEAR anniversary! Oh, happy day. We made it. And, I must say, we are much better than we were when we started! I can't believe how time has flown, but even more just how much I love Andrew. He's the best husband I could have asked for and my best friend. So, to him I say I love you! Here's to 70 more.