Our First Halloween.

We came, we costumed, we conquered. Actually, not so much, but it was still a good Halloween--our first one married (last year we were having our family wedding dinner!). We celebrated our anniversary during the day by walking around the pretty grounds of Thanksgiving Point and going to Happy Sumo.

I was very excited to get trick-or-treaters, so I made sure we got home in time. I threw together a last-minute cat outfit (I like to dress up for the kids, too!), and prepped the candy dish. We were going to watch some scary movies on TV while waiting for the youngsters--but, weirdly enough, none were on. Disappointing. And, weirdly enough, we only got like 10 trick-or-treaters. Sigh. I was a sad kitty. Oh well! Hopefully once we move into a neighborhood without so many college students, we will get more kidd-o's coming for candy.

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