Funny Sunday.

As we've said before, we teach Sunday School at church for the 4-5 year-olds. We have about six kids in the class each week. I used to watch a show with my dad when I was young, hosted by Bill Cosby called, "Kids Say the Darndest Things". I've learned over the past year, that is so true. Today's experiences will attest.

1. We have a Japanese girl in our class who likes to sit on my lap during sharing time. I usually snack on some almonds at that time to hold me over (1 o'clock church). Today, during the music, she turned her head towards me, pointed at my mouth, and waved her hand in front of her nose to imply, "your breath stinks." Ha! I hurriedly slipped some gum in after that. Brutal honesty.

2. The same girl, still sitting on my lap, pats my stomach and says, "baby", implying there is a baby in there (she does this a lot--I'm starting to wonder if I look prego? Cause I'm certainly not!). She then proceeded to squeeze my belly fat between her two fingers and giggle. Quite amusing--obviously.

3. It was one of the kids' birthday this week, so I promised to bring a birthday treat. I made cookies in our joke of an oven, which were of course burned on the edges and soft in the middle. I really can cook! It's the oven--I promise. Anyway, I figured they're just kids--they'll eat anything I call a cookie, right? Cut to class...we hand out the cookies and a symphony of crunching begins in the room, followed by, "why are these so hard?" and "these hurt my teeth." Couldn't fool them! But, at least they ate them all gone. I knew they'd endure :)

In conclusion, this calling has been very good for us in a few respects--works as a good method of birth control and an ever-present source of humbling each week. But, they're adorable and keep us laughing as well.



I have a white Mac laptop, and I've used the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to clean the dirt from where my hands are--it's the only thing I've found that gets it off. I also used it to clean walls at our old house before I moved.

Well, the other day I saw a commercial for the Magic Eraser showing it cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, and pretty much anything you can think of. So, I decided to try mine out. What I saw was nothing short of a miracle! We live in an older house, and the kitchen sink and bathtub have always had a weird color to them, that no matter how hard I scrub, has never gone away. Well, I whipped out my magic eraser and, BAM! My sink and bathtub are pearly white. It's amazing! And it really took very little scrubbing on my part. This is going to be my new cleaning essential!



I am jealous. Of Emma Watson, aka Hermione from the Harry Potter movies. I was looking at a magazine today and saw one of her new ads for Burberry--she looks gorgeous! I love love her. And, she's uber smart! Going to Brown next year. And on top of that, she has a British accent! Oh geez, what I wouldn't give for that. I think if she knew me we'd be, like, best friends. Here are a few more from the ad line:

Goodbye Sally. Hello Lola.

I name my cars. Yes, most anyone who has known me in the past three years knows that my navy blue VW Bug was fondly named Sally. My cars are more than vehicles to me--they're friends!

However, in preparation for future growth in the Garlock family (nothing yet! don't get any ideas.), Sally was retired to my younger, college-bound sister, Jenna. She has been succeeded by the newest member of our family, a white VW Passat wagon named Lola! I will miss Sally--we had some good times and unfortunately received an abnormally large amount of traffic tickets together. Hopefully Lola will bring me better luck in that area :)

Such a cute face.


Madison Avenue

Creative Director Andrew Garlock and his ad executive arm candy, Elyse. Courtesy of MadMenYourself {dot} com.



Someone made a very nasty comment recently on my post about our trip to the zoo. I took a picture of Andrew and I in some hats that I jokingly dubbed "Asian hats". So, in reply to this anonymous commenter: I'm sorry if I offended. Yes, I do like and respect Asians, and have many Asian friends. Contrary to your belief, I grew up somewhere very diverse, with only a handful of white kids in my high school. And last, yes I did go to many years of college.

Some people need to take a joke and not look at strangers' blogs.

So, in conclusion, to prevent future nights lying awake worrying what a stranger thinks of me--I'm making our blog private! Email me at elysegarlock@gmail.com so I can add you to our list of invitees!



Today we had a picnic with my side of the family to celebrate the return of Tyler & Carissa to Utah. Tyler has a job with Ernst & Young for the next year and will be completing his master's the year after that--then, they will be heading back to Seattle! We're glad to have them close for a little while.

It was a fab day for a picnic. The weather was amazing, and I had fun taking pictures of the fam (especially Ashlyn!) So, here's the result:

Cute girl!

She loves Grandpa.

Trying to feed Aunt Jenna.

The happy couple. Engagement pics? Nope.

The spunky Braxton.

Three generations. Presh.

Ashlyn loved the playground.

Looking cute, again.

Best for last! He's so darling.


Thank you.

I submitted a Petition to Override Satisfactory Academic Progress a couple months ago--which interprets into: I have too many credits to qualify for Pell Grants anymore, since I've been in school so long, so I am begging the head honchos of BYU Financial Aid to give me a break. And they approved it! Hallelujah! So, to the people behind this decision, I just want to say a big THANKS. My last year of school will be much less stressful thanks to you!



There are many cute kids in this world, and Andrew and I are fortunate to be friends or relatives of a good bunch of them. This post is dedicated to some cute kids in our lives.

Little miss Ashlyn

Jace, excited about his Mario backpack for Kindergarten

Braxton, the child who can fall asleep anywhere

Our cute primary kids. They stress us out sometimes but we love them!

Berkley, one of the sweetest, most good-hearted kids I know

Beck. He's gonna be a ladies man.

Haven, the mature, good picture poser; and Reese, the most excited child we know!

And the newest addition, August Elle. Such a little peanut.



One of my jobs entails working at my dad's surgical practice helping them transfer all their charts to electronic medical records. Basically, Andrew scans in charts and I label them with the patient's name and birthdate. Thrilling! I know.

In the course of these events I tend to happen upon a lot of down time--there's only so many blogs I can look at, and I won't let myself online shop. So, a couple weeks ago I started using my time to enter online contests! I am currently in the running to win a Kindle (my fav, I've entered that a hundred times), a Vespa scooter, a flatscreen TV, about 10 vacations, a grill, a $3000 shopping spree and trip to NYC...the list goes on.

I haven't won anything yet, and I never really have in my life, but I think my chances are improving! I'll keep you posted. Anyone ever win anything cool? I need some motivation.


The bun is done!

Summer no longer has a bun in the oven--she has a cute baby girl, August Elle! She was born last night at 6 lbs. 4 oz and is adorable (from what we hear...we haven't actually seen a picture yet! But her other two are adorable so I'm sure this one is, too.) We're so happy for Summer and Bryan and their cute little fam. Yay for babies! I love them.


Good Flick.

Andrew and I went to see the movie 500 Days of Summer this weekend, and we totally loved it! Definitely recommend it. It does need a disclaimer, however, that it's not your typical "romantic comedy". Not the ending you'd expect, but satisfying all the same! And, it features a great cast, including the oh-so-cute Zooey Deschanel and the quarky Joseph Gordon-Levitt. So, see it!

P.S. I am going to change my wardrobe now to mirror Zooey's in this movie. That was half the enjoyment for me!