It's official: we're out of our first house. We will miss it in some respects--the large space, the coziness, the funny memories. In some respects, I say good riddance--the lack of dishwasher, dysfunctionally small kitchen, and uber small bathroom. But, when all is said and done, it's been a great house.

Now, we're on to bigger, and hopefully better, things! Let's just say I never want to move again--who knew blinds could get so dirty? Or that we own so much stuff? I need some down time before I attempt anything of that magnitude again.

From here to April, we're focused on job-hunting and graduating. Only 53 days til I am done with college forever! But, who's counting? Me. For sure. I am counting down the projects and papers until I can wipe my hands of this whole "school" business! And, Andrew will find a job very soon. I feel it in my blood. He's so great and I am so glad I married such a hard worker! But, that's all for now. I'll keep you updated on our life, once we have a life again. :)



Hard to find, but easy to eat. (The statement underneath the pic makes me very sad!) These are heavenly. Andrew and I have found a goldmine of them here in Provo--at Blockbuster, randomly. We're gonna buy them out! A must-try.


For Rent.

So, we've decided to move out of our house at the end of this month, and that means renting out our place to a new couple/family. We're going to move in with my parents--don't worry, not long term, ha--until we know where we're going to be for the next little while. Hopefully, that knowledge will come soon :) Andrew has an interview at a really neat advertising firm in SLC called Struck. Wish him luck!

Anyway, back to the renting. So, we somewhat "staged" our house (basically I cleaned it, probably the way I should have been doing the whole time...he), and Andrew took some pro pictures. We listed the ad on KSL this morning, and HOLY COW!! I was afraid we'd have a hard time finding renters since this is a weird time to move, but Andrew's phone and email have been blowing up all day long. Seriously, he's gotten like 30 or 40 calls and emails about the place. I didn't realize our house was so desirable! Why are we moving? Ha, well I don't have a dishwasher...that's one reason. Here are the pics of the Garlock homestead from KSL:

The (mostly) clean kitchen. The glass cabinets sold me on the place when we first looked.

The "newly remodeled" office, as we put it.

The bedroom. It looks so much better in picture. We didn't even put a picture of the bathroom--let's just say a corner of the counter is cut off to accommodate the door closing.

Our front room, and the cozy fireplace we've been too scared to actually ever use.

It's been a great place! So cute and charming for a first house--we'll always look back on it with fond memories. But, now onto packing and moving and the next part of life. Things will work out and we'll find other cute places I'm sure. Til then, it's been good 409 East.