It's Gilly.

I'm alive! Other than a few respiratory annoyances, I have pretty much beaten the swine flu! Woo! Andrew will be vaccinated tomorrow. Thank goodness he didn't get it--get your vaccinations people. You don't want your kids or yourselves getting this! It wasn't too bad because I got some anti-viral meds right away, but I have a girl in the lab I teach who is in the hospital on life support. Scary.

In other news, Andrew and I have found a new favorite SNL character. Her name is Gilly, and she's hilarious! She's a grade school student gone wrong. You need to watch it a few times to get used to the humor, but if you're like us, you'll be quoting it in no time! Just type in "Gilly" into hulu.com's search.


Poor Elyse.

As some of you have probably heard, my poor wifey was diagnosed with the swine flu yesterday. We have no idea who she could've gotten it from, but hope she gets over it fast. Luckily, Elyse went to the doc early on and was able to get medicine in her system within 24 hours of having H1N1 symptoms.

She has since been doing better. The worst part about it is I can't stay over at the house for 3 days--until she will no longer be contagious. In the meantime I'll be bunking over at my in-laws (so nice having them close) and spending a lot more time on campus. Boo.

Let's hope and pray that Elyse recovers well and quickly!


Um, are you twenty-one?

This past weekend we decided to take a break from school and the Provo life--so, we headed to Vegas! Everyone asked if we went there for the BYU game. And the answer is: no. Although we would have liked to go if we had tickets, we actually went to celebrate a couple of things. First, our friend Tyler and his wifey-to-be, Sarah, are getting married this Saturday and had an open house at Tyler's parents' house. Since we can't go to the actual wedding, we wanted to at least go to that to celebrate with them. And just so everyone knows, we totally called that marriage--they're so perfect for each other!

We also went to celebrate our 1st anniversary--woo! Okay, so it's actually not for a couple of weeks (Nov. 1), but since my school schedule doesn't really permit me to be gone for two weekend getaways, we made this trip longer and turned it into our anniversary trip. I can't believe it's been a year, and I still think we're perfect for each other. I love Andrew :)

So, it was fun, and relieving as all heck to take a break from school and do NO homework all weekend! The weather was perfect as well, we got some sun, did some shopping, and just enjoyed the time together. Here are some pics from the trip:

Andrew relaxing in our snazzy hotel living room--he hunted down this nice place and got a killer deal. One of the highlights of the place: when we were checking in, the front desk lady gave us a once over and said, "um, so, are you guys 21?" Ha. I guess we will appreciate our youthful looks someday...

A vacation is NOT a vacation without a constant supply of Diet Coke on hand.

Camera timer shot from the dashboard--not sure why it's so bright. And Andrew is enjoying his yummy Del Taco chicken burrito...I got him a gift card there as a present!

Another dashboard shot--Andrew got me the cute top I'm wearing (I love Anthropologie!), and we are drinking a Pure Pumpkin from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. No coffee--don't worry--just pure heaven and some pumpkin spices blended with ice. Ah. We got these on our honeymoon, and wanted to keep up the tradition!


Can I Get a Napkin, Please?

Okay, I wish my life were like this...Watch! PS--Sorry so many video posts. I've obviously been you-tubing a lot lately. I promise to post real pictures when we get back from our whirlwind weekend in Vegas :)


Also, Must See TV.

Okay, sorry to go all political on you, but I just had one more video my cousin showed me that I had to share! Glad to see there's someone working for the people in our government. Watch.


Must see TV.

Everyone should watch this 20/20 video of ex-ABC reporter, John Stossel. He was supposedly "let go" after it's production, and the video was held and aired after an important vote on the health care bill.

As a future health care professional, I have to say that Obama's plan for our nation's health care is, in a word, disastrous. And another word, deceiving. He says he's not for universal health care, or government run health care--however, his plan will slowly become such by eliminating competition and driving insurance companies out of business.

And yes, all the celebs and such are hyping up universal care to be something that will cure all and heal all. However, after watching this video, you'll realize the ludicrous treatment people in other countries are getting. They're flying HERE to get procedures and surgeries done. Anyway, please watch and be enlightened! And let's all pray for our country. Bleh.