It's Gilly.

I'm alive! Other than a few respiratory annoyances, I have pretty much beaten the swine flu! Woo! Andrew will be vaccinated tomorrow. Thank goodness he didn't get it--get your vaccinations people. You don't want your kids or yourselves getting this! It wasn't too bad because I got some anti-viral meds right away, but I have a girl in the lab I teach who is in the hospital on life support. Scary.

In other news, Andrew and I have found a new favorite SNL character. Her name is Gilly, and she's hilarious! She's a grade school student gone wrong. You need to watch it a few times to get used to the humor, but if you're like us, you'll be quoting it in no time! Just type in "Gilly" into hulu.com's search.


Lucas and Annie said...

We love Gilly!

Mollybelle said...

Oh my gosh. Yes I LOVE gilly...
This cute little girl I know (well she's like 11) she dressed up as Gilly for Halloween! Of course only a handful of people really got it but for those of us who did, it was a hoot. And of course she kept saying, "Sorry" in that awkward creepy way.