The next couple of weeks has a lot coming up for us. Here's a sneak peek on what we'll be doing:

1. Moving. We're actually in the middle of it right now, and it's coming along nicely. I'll post pictures once it's a little more presentable. Note to self: don't move ever again. I was never one of those kids who moved around a lot, and I really don't like it!

2. Testing. I'm taking the NCLEX next Tuesday morning--ahhhh! I'm stressing out, but trying to stay calm. I've been doing practice questions like you wouldn't believe for the past couple of months, so hopefully all the hard work will pay off. I just want to get it done, stop studying (since I have graduated for goodness sake), and be a licensed RN finally!

3. MEXICO! We are taking a trip with my family to Cancun for a week and we leave this upcoming Thursday. It's an all-inclusive resort and is going to be a heavenly combo of sun, Diet Coke, lots of food, and reading books I actually enjoy!

4. Starting my new job. I'll start when we get back from Mexico, and I am exciting for a change of routine (mostly not including constant studying).

We'll post pictures and such as things progress and fun times are had!



So, I made these patterned pillows to go with the orange ones I bought for our new couch, and I am quite excited about them! I think they look pretty darn good for someone who hasn't make pillows in a loooong while. Now, I just need to put our couch together--oh boy. We're moving throughout this week, so hopefully I'll have some pictures of our new place in presentable shape in not too long!



That's what I've had on my hands lately. And a lot of it. Graduating from nursing school was so exciting, but the time since then has been anything but. I had a bit of an identity crisis when Andrew started full time work, and I had nothing to do, and I was used to being busy busy with school. I think he got kind of worried about me (woops), but it only lasted about 2 days. Now, I've been trying to be productive with my time, and making the most of my free days while I have them. Here's just a taste of my exciting life:
  • Scanning. I scan medical records for an ENT practice that's going paperless with their charting. I've been doing this for other practices all through college, so I'm pretty much an expert scanner. It's quite monotonous work--it was great motivation for me to graduate.

  • Preparing to move/interior decorating in my mind. We are moving to Pleasant Grove at the end of May, and I'm itching to get in and decorate it. I've had plenty of time (while scanning) to think of what I'll do with the place. Needless to say, these ideas have led to a lot of listing on Craig's List, online shopping, and other shenanegans. I've also purchased fabric to make pillows for our couch (or future couch). I assured Andrew I'm a total pro at this, because I am--I've made one pillow before. How hard can it be?

  • In conjuction with the interior decorating, I've taken up knitting. At least, I have as of yesterday. I have a vision in my head of a lovely throw draped across my future couch. Buy one, you might say. But no, I bought some yarn and knitting needles and literally googled "how to knit". After about an hour of "training", I now know how to knit and my throw is already in production. So, if you ever come over to my future place, please notice it :).

  • Reading. A lots of it. I've re-read some of the Twilight series, finished The Hunger Games (amazing!), finished the whole Confessions of Shopaholic series, re-read Pride & Prejudice, and have just started Sarah's Key. I got a KINDLE for graduation from my awesome in-laws, and that has opened up a whole new world for me.

  • Prepping for Mexico. We leave in about three weeks, and I am SOOO excited! I can't wait to be warm and tan. I've got my suits, cover-ups, and hats all ready, and I am just counting the days.

  • Watching TV. Favs right now are Biggest Loser, Modern Family, the Office, Parks & Recreation, and Community. Sounds like a lot--probably is, but it helps the weeks pass!

  • Finally, last and probably most important: preparing for the NCLEX. I GOT A JOB! I'll be working at Timpanogos Hospital in the Mother/Baby unit. BUT, I can't start until I pass the NCLEX. So, I've been doing practice questions like a madwoman, and scheduled my test yesterday. June 1st is the big day--wish me luck!

That was long, but I needed a break from scanning. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the beginnings of summer!


PS: Gotta try these.

Pretzel-filled M&M's. You heard me right. We discovered them this week, and they're out of this world. Try them for yourself at Wal-Mart, and get ready to be amazed!

Happy 25th!

Happy 25th Birthday to my great husband. He unfortunately has to work all day, but we plan to celebrate tonight with some Tempanyaki and this weekend with some fun activity--he suggested camping last night (as a joke). But, I'll do whatever he wants because I love him! Even if it means sleeping in a tent. He's the perfect husband for me and I look forward to another year with him.