It's a Gem.

Delicious. And somewhat healthier than most "snack mixes" out there--whole grains and baked and all. Andrew was a big fan of these types of snacks and has converted me. Not helping with my lose-the-winter-weight-and-look-hot-for-summer plan though...



So, my so cute sis-in-law, Summer, and her husband, Bryan came down to Utah for the weekend. Summer is David Archuleta's stylist and came down to help with his concert in Salt Lake. Andrew and I planned to meet Summer and Bryan for lunch on Saturday up in Salt Lake--Summer had said that we probably couldn't meet David, and we were okay with that since we didn't want to be annoying.

Well, on the way up, Summer called and said we could come by the place where she was helping David get ready for the concert and his upcoming international tour since she was still there! We were excited, to say the least. Let's just say I cried after he didn't win AI last season. We both think the kid's a stud. Well, after meeting him, he totally proved us right! He's the kindest, funniest, and most talented kid--and still so humble after all his success. So GO DAVID! Ha.



I'm DONE with school. Not really--but mentally, physically--I'm exhausted! I bombed a test yesterday, and don't even care! I'm losing my cool. Thank goodness only a few weeks left. Pray for me, please.

On a side note--yay for the sunshine! We have a short bout of cold right now, but I am hopeful that the warmth will return.



My dad got season 1 on DVD for Christmas. We borrowed it--and got sucked in. Now on the second disc of season 2...all I have to say is, should have waited til the semester was over! So good though.


What you DON'T expect to see on a Saturday morning...

So, last Saturday we woke up to a very strange noise--it sounded like air whooshing, like if you were blowing up a big air mattress. We sat in bed perplexed until Andrew took a peek out the window to find a GIANT hot air balloon floating just feet above the houses on our street. Not exactly what we would have guessed!

The balloon proceeded to move down our street until it was about 3 feet above our roof! (see the pic above). Apparently the balloon was having issues because of wind and had gone adrift from their planned path. It landed on the street right beside our house and a huge crowd of people rushed forward to talk to the people (most of our neighborhood had emerged from their houses to watch the ruckus). After about ten minutes, they took off again! Talk about random. But it was hilarious and started of our Saturday quite nicely :)


I love stretchy pants.

Okay, so I got some black spandex pants from H&M a while ago for like $6--such a steal. I got them for the purpose of working out in. Well, since I haven't worked out, and have thus not gotten the toned bod I hoped for--I've been wearing the spandex pants all the time for other reasons! :) Actually, they're so comfy and can look cute with lots of stuff. So, just wanted to blog that I love my spandex pants!

Okay here's an example--not that I look quite that good in them! But you get the idea.