2 pm - 4 pm is one of the best times of my day. Why, you may ask? Sonic happy hour, that is why. It is a simple kind of pleasure knowing I can escape the monotony of my day to get my medium diet coke with lime for 87 cents. Bless you , Sonic.


Food is good.

Andrew and I hit up Communal last night to celebrate his new job, and it was deeeelicious. It's from the makers of Pizzeria 712, which we thoroughly enjoy (we went there on our 3rd date - Valentine's day). We've been waiting until Andrew was hired somewhere to go, and it was well worth the wait. We highly recommend it!



Just wanted to proudly announce that Andrew has been offered a job for the advertising firm, Struck/Axiom in Salt Lake! He will be starting April 12th as a Junior Account Manager, and we couldn't be more excited! We've learned a great lesson in patience and perseverance over the last few months, and we're so grateful for all the prayers on our behalf. So, YAY for Andrew!!


I'm a bad blogger.

Sorry. We really are alive. I'm just busy/lazy lately, as is my wonderful husband (he's just busy, not lazy). But, we're looking forward to graduating soon, getting jobs, and starting real life--finally!

We're going with my family to Mexico in the beginning of June, and I already have a book list started. Has anyone read The Hunger Games series? I've heard they're good...and think I'll probably get into them ASAP once I'm done with my last final next Friday!