Click here to watch this really neat slide show of photos set to Come Thou Fount... depicting Christ's life. They are of real people (of course) but look like paintings. Amazing.



Last night we got together with Elyse's brother Tyler and his wife Carissa to carve pumpkins. We figured since we had had two pumpkins sitting on our porch the past month, we should probably open them up quick before they rot.

While carving someone questioned where this strange tradition came from, right? Well, Tyler looked it up and gave us the brief mythical history on Jack himself. Have a happy Halloween!

Elyse made these super good pumpkin cookies (I know you're jealous of our fake 70's marble counter tops).

It's a robot, in case you were wondering.


Freezing Football!

So, this week Andrew and I decided to be supportive and go to one of my little bro, Brennan's, football games. He's seriously a stud and scores most of the team's touchdowns! He's little but is speedy! It was fun to take a break from school, etc., and watch him.

And of course, it's chilly once again in Provo--and we picked the coldest night to go! I even had to whip out the earmuffs. Pretty intense. I'm not sure I'm ready for winter just yet!

Tyler and Carissa joined in on the fun--thank goodness for our big strong men to keep us warm!

Bren's football is pretty serious for my parents--here they are in an intense moment!

We saw this after the game and thought it looked like a bunch of heads! Kind of morbid--but pretty funny.

Anyway, hope everyone is well! And just gotta throw in there--ONE WEEK TIL WE'RE MARRIED!!! I'm not excited or anything :)


And So We Skate.

The weather has finally warmed back up here in Provo, so what did we decide to do for our date this week -- but go ice skating! I guess we just can't get enough of the cold. With two weeks to go til the big day, Andrew discovered yet another talent that I possess tonight :) Kidding! But it was super fun.

Andrew, in the middle of his "spin". Quite intense.

About to enter my double axle--yeah baby.


...and counting



After some debating a few months ago over the Coldplay tour, we decided not to purchase tickets to their concert here in November. However, yesterday we booked two. I guess we just couldn't resist, it was essential to our Fall 2008 itinerary. We keep banking on the fact that we'll get money for our wedding and base all of our current splurges on that so to reimburse ourselves.


It snowed yesterday! What the heck. Andrew and I arrived home Saturday night to little white flakes on the car. I guess winter is on it's way--and we're not ready! Thank goodness the wedding is in California :)


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