Freezing Football!

So, this week Andrew and I decided to be supportive and go to one of my little bro, Brennan's, football games. He's seriously a stud and scores most of the team's touchdowns! He's little but is speedy! It was fun to take a break from school, etc., and watch him.

And of course, it's chilly once again in Provo--and we picked the coldest night to go! I even had to whip out the earmuffs. Pretty intense. I'm not sure I'm ready for winter just yet!

Tyler and Carissa joined in on the fun--thank goodness for our big strong men to keep us warm!

Bren's football is pretty serious for my parents--here they are in an intense moment!

We saw this after the game and thought it looked like a bunch of heads! Kind of morbid--but pretty funny.

Anyway, hope everyone is well! And just gotta throw in there--ONE WEEK TIL WE'RE MARRIED!!! I'm not excited or anything :)


Carissa Rasmussen said...

that night was sooo cold. we left pretty soon after the second half started. Can't wait to carve pumpkins!

queenieweenie said...

I can't wait to meet you next week. I've heard nothing but great things...