Craft Day!

During one of the few days that we had off of school--I start classes again tomorrow, yuck!--Andrew and I decided to get our creative juices flowing and create some homemade artwork. Or, Andrew was creative and I just followed along for the fun. Sounds more like it! Either way, I think our stuff turned out pretty spiffy :)

Hard at work...

Not so hard at work...

The finished product--to match our bathroom towels!

And some room decor! Yay for cheap painting.


Growing up is hard to do.

With the newly engaged Camille, and recently returned sis-mish, Emily

Today I did lunch with three of my best friends in the whole world! All of whom I met while at BYU. I guess the cold weather of Provo was worth it in some aspects. Anyway, it was a sort of bittersweet reunion as Emily (right, above) has just returned from a mission in Spain, Camille (middle, above) just got ENGAGED and is moving to Texas after her wedding in late July, and Lauren (below) is preparing to move to New York to attend Columbia University's nursing program. I've got some pretty spiffy friends if I might say so myself :) We were missing one of the four original roommates--Amanda, we missed you! She is married and in the process of moving from Washington to California. Anyway, it was great to see them all and chat, and weird to realize we are all grown up! Sigh...

Lauren & I--She will be missed! I hope she survives New York better than I did...

For good ol' times' sake--the first day the "Wiz Kids", as we called ourselves, moved into our new apartment together.



So, we watched all the Prusse kids last night--overnight--so Tim & Kristin could have a night off to celebrate Tim's birthday. They really are good kids and were great to watch. I was, however, given a small glimpse of motherhood as I was up with Ashlyn for most of the night! She wasn't even hungry or sad--in fact, she was blowing bubbles, laughing, and just AWAKE! She's a pistol, this one. At one point I just had to crack up. If she weren't so darn cute, I would be much more upset about the small amount of sleep I got to kick of finals week... Andrew, however, slept like a rock--another glimpse into my mothering future! But, we were more than happy to do it for our great bro-in-law and sister. Let's just hope our kids are as cute as Ashlyn, or I don't know how I'll handle things :)


And the award goes to...

So, Andrew entered the "1/2 Show" advertising competition on campus recently. He submitted a few ads--and won two awards! Second place in the non-traditional category, and overall Best Concept. Both awards were for his Havaianas ad pictured above. It had an ad placed on an airline tray table to look like your feet extend to wear Havaianas sandals.

I was SUPER proud to be his wifey and am so glad we have some creative juices in our family, thanks to him!

He also entered a Diet Coke at featuring one of my wedding pictures! It's pictured above.

Here's an IKEA ad he did--the one with the couch.

And here's the Havaianas ad closer up.

I also got inducted to the International Honor Society of Nursing--Sigma Theta Tau--last month. Andrew attended the awards ceremony with me, and I got some cool purple cords to wear at graduation!

My dedicated nursing friends and I--we've endured a lot together!


California Pics

Haven and her little friend, Jane, already learning tanning basics

The girls at Katie's birthday dinner!

The two adorable little munchkins--I married into a cute family!

Had to put this one...what a little peach.

At the Spectrum with Katie and the youngsters, about to ride the Ferris Wheel.

Such a fun trip--we miss the fam and California already!


Beautiful Burn.

We went to California this weekend to visit the fam for birthdays and General Conference. It was SO fun and nice to get away from the cold in Utah and to some warmer weather. The little kids are all so cute and were fun to be with. Also, it was Beth and Katie's birthdays over the weekend so we celebrated those. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Only down side--we got fried in the sun. I wore sunscreen, and I swear it wasn't THAT hot. But, none the less, we are "well done" and popping Advil. But, it was so worth it! Pictures to follow.