Officially Adults.

You'd think being married, out of college, and pregnant would make us feel like adults. But, nope, we didn't feel like official adults until yesterday afternoon when we became homeowners! Ah! Scary/exciting/great/weird. It's in Daybreak, a lovely community in South Jordan that we've just fallen in love with. We are so excited about our new little place and the home it will be for us in the upcoming years. We move this weekend, which I'm glad for since I'm not hugely pregnant yet. More pictures will come once we're settled in--if I survive the next few days!


I love Christmas.

Have I mentioned this before?


Magical + 24 Weeks.

Just watched this Coldplay "Christmas Lights" video (thanks to my friend, Camille!) and found it to be quite magical. Love Coldplay, love Christmas. Perfect. Baby liked it as well, she danced through the whole song!

And on a side note--I've gotten some requests for the token "belly pic" from my progressing pregnancy. I've just started to pop out in the last week (as opposed to just looking slightly wider), and that's why I haven't really posted anything yet. Here's a small snapshot (24 weeks!):

Unwashed hair = only the belly in this one :)