Happy Spanksgiving.

Title: quote from Jimmy Fallons's Real Housewives of Late Night. Hilarious.

Anyway, Andrew and I just returned from our annual trip to Prescott, AZ for Thanksgiving to visit with his grandparents. The rest of the family drove up (is it up?) from California, and it was such a fun time. It's always nice to get out of your usual environment and see family that you don't see very often!

Andrew and I are so blessed, and I just wanted to make a short list, more for myself, to sum up what we're grateful for this year.

1. Each other, being happily married. Cheesy, but true.
2. College degrees & employment that we like (and health insurance).
3. The Gospel, our membership in the LDS Church.
4. Amazing family on both sides, great relationships.
5. A warm home (winter, ugh).
6. Christmas!!!!
7. Our little baby girl on the way.
8. Good health all around.
9. Baths.
10. Diet Coke (except not much on my part any more...)
11. Nice people in the world who are just kind and honest.
12. Faith, especially because I'm a worrier, and the Lord always makes things work out for us.

That's a short list, and doesn't even begin to touch everything. But, we have been truly blessed this year and would be so ungrateful if we didn't recognize it. So, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

And now...bring in CHRISTMAS!


Hospital & Harry Potter

Just an update for anyone who reads our blog anymore...

I had to spend a night in the hospital last week for "hydronephrosis"--apparently, some kidney problems associated with my pregnancy. Basically, I was in excruciating pain for a few hours until they gave me lots of morphine. I was also contracting every 2 minutes (scary!!!), and the morphine helped that settle down as well.

As if I hadn't already decided this, I am definitely getting an epidural when I have this little girl, because if natural childbirth is anything like what I felt, I will literally die! On a happier note, they pumped me full of fluids, antibiotics, etc., ran lots of tests that were really great (not), and I am much improved :) I did swell up nicely from all the fluids, so sorry folks, no pictures!

Our little girl did great through the whole ordeal and has been kicking away ever since. I just pray for an uneventful remainder of my pregnancy!

On an even better note, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 comes out tomorrow night! Andrew, being the wonderful husband that he is, is taking a half day off on Friday morning to accompany me to the midnight showing tomorrow. I work tonight, so I won't be able to sleep anyway :) Perfect.


Happy 2 Years!

Andrew's AWESOME costume for work--just had to throw that in there!

This weekend we celebrated our 2 year anniversary--yay!--and had such a great time! I told Andrew that I wanted him to plan it all, and that I wanted to be surprised. And, boy did he deliver!

In our nice hotel room!

We went up to Salt Lake, and stayed Friday night in the Marriott up there. I love staying in hotels and sleeping in king sized beds. So nice. That night we walked around downtown and the Gateway and ate at one of our favorite restaurants, Biaggi's. If you haven't been there--GO! You won't be disappointed. Delish!

The next day we hit up Einstein's for some Pumpkin bagels (mmm...) and Andrew took me for a mani/pedi appt. Love the pampering! We walked around downtown and bit more, then went to a spa in Draper for MASSAGES! Oh boy, it was nice. Seriously, the best massages we've ever had!

After that, we headed to my sisters house for dinner and some (very cold) trick-or-treating with her kids. Andrew dressed up as a cowboy and made me be an indian. I don't love dressing up, but it was fun.
Our niece, Ashlyn, on Halloween. She was a ladybug, and insisted on carrying two candy buckets.

Then, Andrew took Monday off work and we went up to Park City to walk around and enjoy the area before it gets too cold. We ate at a really quaint diner that had the best tomato soup ever, and headed back towards home later that night for dinner and movie.

At the cute diner in Park City!

Basically, it was a GREAT weekend and I loved it all! I told Andrew he's in charge of planning all our anniversaries from now on :)

And, in other good news--I'm almost halfway done being pregnant! 19.5 weeks down!