Jace turns 7!

Jace's gift from Grandma and Grandpa (which I helped pick out--can you tell? ha)

Our nephew, Jace, turned seven last week, and the family all got together to celebrate. It's getting harder to get everyone together, so when we do, it's a really great time! Jace was thrilled about the party and the gifts (mostly Lego and Wii games), and like a younger me, could hardly contain his excitement! Here are some pics from the night--enjoy!

Ashlyn, trying to figure out if she likes the new cousin...

Baby Eliza, such a happy girl!

And her happy Momma.

The youngest sibs--Brennan dressed up in Jace's Superman outfit at some point...hence the shirt.

Attempt at a cute couple picture #1...missed.

Try #2, better.

Ashlyn enjoying Uncle Brennan's entertainment.

Braxton joined in on the costume fun as well--I think we're all a little excited for Halloween...

My new skinny Dad--he's lost 40+ lbs. recently! Don't know why he seems to be pulling away from me...ha


Ashlyn debuting her Ladybug Halloween costume!

Welcome, Fall.

I don't know if it's even fall yet, but I'm ready for it! Fall decor, check. Real Simple fall ideas, check. Pumpkin Kisses, check.


4th Meal.

What happens when I'm feeling like a Slurpee at 9pm?

1. We realize there are NO 7-Eleven's in Pleasant Grove (what the heck?), or in any neighboring city.
2. We make our way down towards Provo to find a 7-Eleven, and on the way, Andrew decides he wants a Whopper Jr. from Burger King.
3. It only makes sense that I get some fries to go along with his burger.
4. We finally find a 7-Eleven and fill our bellies with that sugary goodness.

All in all, a lot of calories consumed way too late at night and without a real need. But it was great while it lasted! We definitely won't be making this a habit, though...


And baby makes three.

Yep, the cat--or the baby, rather--is out of the bag. We're expecting! I'm officially due March 26th (I know, don't tell me how far away that seems), and out of my 1st trimester. I haven't been feeling too horribly, just extremely tired (another reason for my lack of blogging). I'm hoping I'll get the 2nd trimester energy boost I keep hearing about soon...but if not, I have a great excuse for being tired all the time!

We'll find out what it is in about a month, so until then your guess is as good as mine. One nice perk of working as a nurse in a Women's Center is that I have an ultrasound machine at my disposal pretty much all of the time. Granted, it's not the best machine, but I'm able to check in on the little peanut every week and see how he/she is doing!

I'm not really showing yet, but if you see me in the next couple of weeks and I'm just looking weirdly chubby, now you know--I'm actually pregnant :)


One word...

DVR! We got it--finally--and I'm sure we'll be watching way more TV and I'll be blogging way less (if that's even possible).

On another note, we are still alive and thriving. I guess we've been too busy working, enjoying the summertime, being lazy, etc, etc, etc. to really blog much. But, if I ever recover from the coma that is working three nights a week, I'll try to update you more often.

On a second, and very random, note, anyone who was like me and indulged themselves in a little Hanson love around 6th grade, you should check out their new album "Shout It Out". It's so upbeat and fun, I can't stop listening to it--a lot like my 12-year-old self. Thankfully, there is one difference: I am married now and no longer swooning them.

Third note, HAPPY LABOR DAY! Not really that exciting, but Andrew did get a day off of work, which was nice. I unfortunately had to work the night before and the night of the big day, so I was in my usual stupor for the family festivities. But, I was able to enjoy the absolutely gorgeous weather and company of my family (including my new niece, Eliza).

And on that segway, congrats to Tyler & Carissa on Eliza, the tiny new addition to their family! She weighed a whopping 5 lb 9 oz and is about as heavy as a thick piece of paper. She's got tons of dark hair and is the spitting image of her Momma. We love her to death already and are glad for another niece to coddle.

The itty bitty one. Such a darling.