Elyse bought these gummy vitamins (for adults mind you) at Costco the other day and I'm obsessed. It's hard to only eat 2 a day. With flavors berry, peach and orange, you can't go wrong with what you pull out. We were Flinstone consumers before, but I think we've found our new daily vitamin.


Colorado Getaway.

We took a wonderful little vaca with my family to my Nana & Papa's cabin in southern Colorado. And when I say cabin, I mean primitive cabin--no electricity, clean water, etc. However, the scenery is beautiful and the relaxation and free time is priceless! My sister, Kristin, and her family were able to come up as well. Tyler & Carissa were the only ones MIA, and they were missed! So, here is a LONG photo journal of our trip!

A little gas pump at a shop we stopped at for snacks after our hike.

At a yummy mexican restaurant in the mini town of Antonito, CO.

Jace and Braxton LOVED the cabin. Here they are watching a parade on the 24th of July in Manassah, CO (where my grandparents grew up).

The crew on the last leg of the hike up to Rough Creek Falls.

Our wood pile, courtesy of the big strong men in our family.

A clean John Deere in the parade that Andrew was excited about.

We made it! In front of Rough Creek Falls after our somewhat grueling hike.

The men in action! Brennan and my dad show us how to chop wood like a real man.

The whole gang at the mexican restaurant.

Baby Bren sleeping on the trip up, and showing a bit too much man-thigh.

Braxton insisted on re-strapping his shoes himself after they had dried--he took a dip in the river by the cabin.

The fishermen: it was an unlucky trip and we caught 0 fish!

The ever cute Ashlyn, decked out in her 24th of July attire.

The chipmunks are our neighbors at the cabin. This chubby one was a fav.


Okay, that was nerdy of me, I know. But, it goes perfectly with the topic of this post--our night at the premiere of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! We went to a midnight showing with our friends, the other Garlocks, and I personally loved every minute of it. Apart from a few key scenes left out, the movie was fantastic. It was funny, frightening, and fabulous! ha. So here is some footage from our night out. Warning: there were some extreme fans out that night! It was pretty classic.

Mitch & Gloria enthusiastically casting spells while waiting.

Elyse casting spells enthusiastically, and Andrew not-so-enthusiastically, while waiting as well.


The Flip.

So, for our birthdays we got a handy little video camera called "The Flip". It's nice and small, so I can carry it around in my purse! Which means I've been taking random videos of stuff all over the place. Here is a sampling--a video of us at this cool little waffles & fries cafe in Salt Lake with Mitch & Gloria.

And here's the Flip:


Happy Birthday, Dad!

I love my dad SO much--for his Taco Bell and Diet Coke addictions, his love of James Bond & 24, his sense of humor, and for his ever-increasing sentimental side. And Sunday was his birthday!

So, Happy Birthday to the best dad, husband, grandpa, father-in-law, bishop, and guy in the world.


Gotta love the US of A.

Riding the Trolley at The Grove...with all the cute nieces and nephew + Bryan

We spent the fourth of July weekend in California--yay!--and had just a lovely time. The weather was beautiful, the beach was sunny, and the family was cute as ever. Not to mention some tasty food and good shopping thrown in there :) It was great to take a break from work and just be lazy and have fun! We need to do it more often.

Katie and her little stud, Beck, enjoying the beach. I LOVE this kid!

Haven and Berkley were in a 4th of July parade in their neighborhood and drove their Jeep! Haven was busy waving and almost took some people out--but it was worth it to look so cute.

Andrew and I spent a night at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna, looking at local art and people watching.

We went to Ketchup for dinner to celebrate Summer and I's birthdays--she's looking great as ever, and almost nine months pregnant! I don't know how she does it.

Andrew and I went to San Diego to see the Bodyworlds exhibit at a museum in Balboa Park. It was so pretty! I love San Diego. And in a strange turn of events we ended up at the Mexican border on our way there! Darn Mapquest...

The pretty fireworks at Three Arch Bay.

Nope, that's not our little family. We're pretty cute, though! This was watching fireworks with Haven and Reese (aka Katie's little twin.)

So, there's the skinny on our trip. So much fun, and we can't wait to go back--we came home to 100 degree heat!


Zoo Fun.

After much urging on my part, we went to the Hogle Zoo up in SLC. I don't know why I've always wanted to go--frankly, I'm pretty terrified of most animals! But, it was extra fun because my sister Kristin and her kids came, as well as my mom and brother, Brennan. It was HOT, but really fun to see the kiddos get hyped up about the critters. Ashlyn was the most enthusiastic, and as you can see above, gave each animal a kind "wave" of hello.

Braxton looked curiously, yet cautiously, at most of the animals. He loved the fighting bears and the giraffes in particular.

These bears started fighting and drew quite a crowd--including us, of course.

Andrew and I meddled through the gift shop and found "Asian hats", and therefore, had to pose like this.

Penguins crack me up. They just waddle everywhere and it's hilarious! Even stranger--penguins in the desert of Utah. Who knew?


Andrew has come to learn throughout our courtship and marriage that my heart also belongs to something else--Harry Potter! I don't care how nerdy I am. I embrace it! The books changed my life, and the movies are pretty bloody great as well (they speak in British accents in the books and movies...I like to imitate).

I have gotten Andrew to watch all 5 movies with me (getting him to read the books would be a feat) because he's such a wonderful husband, and now we're all ready for the sixth movie, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which comes out in a mere five days. The countdown has begun. And I promised Andrew and our friends Mitch& Gloria that I will only slightly dress up for opening night :)