It's Pretty Much All Hype

A couple weeks ago Pat's B.B.Q. in Salt Lake City was featured on Guy Fieri's Food Network show, so of course you think if it got Guy's approval then it has to be good, right?

Well last Saturday, Elyse and I along with her sister, husband and their little kids; and Elyse's brother and his wife went up to see what this place was all about. The line to be seated was substantial, so this was another good sign. Once we were seated I noticed the place was more like a bar (low lit with neon Budweiser and NASCAR signs, not to mention we were surrounded by WT folk). Did I say this was a bad thing? No, we love people watching.

However, once our server took our orders, a period of AN HOUR passed without us receiving our food--let alone even being acknowledged at all by our server for something like drink refills. Sorry we didn't order alcohol buddy...and to top it off, at the half-way point of waiting, a 60 year-old version of Kid Rock got on the stage at front and began jamming tunes from Grateful Dead and Neil Young. It was about four times louder than necessary and halted any conversation that might have ensued amongst our party.

When we FINALLY got our food and it was just okay. I mean, I've had better ribs at Friday's. The only real winner was the corn bread (but it was a winner--I even got an order to-go on the way out). In the end, we went to pay and found out a FIVE DOLLAR cover charge had been added to our bill for the so called "concert" that we so much enjoyed. No tip from us--we're not usually cheap like that, but this was just unacceptable.

And, to top it all off, as we were leaving we noticed another party complaining to the owner of the restaurant. Apparently, they had been seated and waited an hour for their food as well, just to have their waiter come out and tell them that the restaurant had run out of food! And it was only 7:30. And I thought WE got screwed--these people were outright enraged.

So, needless to say, we won't be visiting Pat again any time soon.


We Like Him.

As I said before, we watch American Idol this season. Don't know why--but that's besides the point! Just wanted to say two things we're grateful for:

1. Tatiana is GONE. Bleh.
2. Danny Gokey is still here! He's got an incredible voice--much better than we were expecting--and seems like a really nice guy. Woo hoo!


Loved it.

I've been sick all week and weekend, and have wanted to do basically nothing. So, I convinced Andrew to come with me to see Confessions of a Shopaholic yesterday for a President's Day activity. I loved it! He liked it quite a bit. It's a feel good film. And, I saw some of myself in her character :)



Okay, so unfortunately Andrew and I have been sucked into the world of American Idol, which now consumes at least 2 hrs of our time each week. It's fun, I must admit, and my emotions are all over the place while I watch.

There is one contestant who has beyond bothered me the entire time and I just have to vent right now because she made it through this week! It's a fluke--she beat so many people who are much more talented (and less annoying) than she is.

Anyone else with me on the fact that she needs to go? Also, there was a guy with Pherrel-like style, who I am really sad was cut tonight. He was really good! Okay, that's all. :)


Holy Cola!

Um, Coke flavored cupcake anyone? Yes, please! See Bakerella's other work.

Two Thumbs Up!

Just a few movies we've seen lately and would highly suggest:

Eagle Eye: Didn't hear much about this one, so I assumed it wasn't very good. I assumed wrong! Gotta love Shia.

Forever Strong: Mormon-made, so we were a little hesitant about how cheesy it would be. But, it was actually very good, realistic, and uplifting! About a Highland High rugby team--true story.

Taken: Like James Bond times 10! Everyone he kills in the movie deserves it. And, the storyline is based on true happenings, so it's quite eye-opening. Worth the $11 matinee price for sure :)

Anyone seen any good movies lately? Old ones, new ones, etc.


I Love Babies!

Okay, now don't run away with this and think I am pregnant or anything! I just wanted to write about a great experience I had yesterday. For anyone who doesn't know, I am in my 4th semester of the Nursing program. I have really enjoyed it thus far--aside from the fact that they work us to the bone and it's pretty hard! I just have to keep reminding myself that it will be really rewarding someday :)

Each semester we study something different and work in a hospital for one shift a week in whatever specialty we are studying. So far I have done Geriatrics, Medical/Surgical, and Pediatrics.

Well, yesterday I was able to work on a Labor & Delivery floor--and I absolutely LOVED it! I feel like I finally know now why I wanted to pursue nursing in the first place. The birth of a baby is so special and miraculous, and it's amazing to watch new parents just gaze in awe at their new little baby. I also loved just taking care of the mom's while they were in labor--they were so appreciative and I felt like I really helped them in some way! It was awesome.

And not to mention--the babies are SO stinkin cute! So, anyway, great day of clinical--which is rare--and just wanted to share it!


New Goal

So, we got a subscription to the Ensign magazine for our wedding from Andrew's mission president. I've always had them in my house growing up, etc., but never really read more than an article or two. Now that I'm getting my own subscription, I feel bad having them sit on my coffee table without really reading them! So, new goal for the new year--I'm going to read the Ensign all the way through every month! I figure it can't hurt, and will maybe even uplift me :) So, we'll see how it goes. Anyone else have any new year's ambitions?