And So We Skate.

The weather has finally warmed back up here in Provo, so what did we decide to do for our date this week -- but go ice skating! I guess we just can't get enough of the cold. With two weeks to go til the big day, Andrew discovered yet another talent that I possess tonight :) Kidding! But it was super fun.

Andrew, in the middle of his "spin". Quite intense.

About to enter my double axle--yeah baby.


Keepin' Up with the Jones said...

how fun! You too are so cute... I am so excited for it to become official in like 3 weeks! WOW!

g. lock said...

looks like i have chicken legs.

summer said...

We should all go sometime. The ice skating lessons mom put me in for 2 seconds when I was little really paid off. I can tear it up on the ice rink and in the rollar rink! You two are cuties!