One of my jobs entails working at my dad's surgical practice helping them transfer all their charts to electronic medical records. Basically, Andrew scans in charts and I label them with the patient's name and birthdate. Thrilling! I know.

In the course of these events I tend to happen upon a lot of down time--there's only so many blogs I can look at, and I won't let myself online shop. So, a couple weeks ago I started using my time to enter online contests! I am currently in the running to win a Kindle (my fav, I've entered that a hundred times), a Vespa scooter, a flatscreen TV, about 10 vacations, a grill, a $3000 shopping spree and trip to NYC...the list goes on.

I haven't won anything yet, and I never really have in my life, but I think my chances are improving! I'll keep you posted. Anyone ever win anything cool? I need some motivation.

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