Oh baby.

Okay, I'm not baby hungry yet--but, I was bored in class the other day and decided to pick out some of the items I will buy/hopefully have gifted to me once we do have a little munchkin. So, here are my finds:

The Orbit Infant System--the car seat swivels, it has a big storage bag underneath, and it has two cupholders! Hello. Drawback--it's pricey. I'm hoping some rich people will sell their gently used one on craigslist for me to buy one day :)
Kate Spade "baby bjourn"-type baby carrier. So cute, looks comfy, and the stripes are doin it for me.

Let me know if you have any other amazing baby finds/essentials! And once again, we're NOT prego. This is just what hours of my boring psych class do to me. Yay for the semester coming to a close!

And PS--another thing that has gotten me thinking of baby's lately is the fact that I found out my Capstone (internship) rotation next semester is going to be in labor & delivery at Timpanogos Hospital! I'm so excited, it's exactly what I wanted.


summer said...

You are full of beans... you are SO baby hungry! :)

Drew+Elise said...

Ovbiously you are, but that's not bad!! I am 24/7 and pretend I'm not too. :) But it's SO fun looking at baby stuff. I guess it helps me ease the hunger pains.

Jenny D. said...

If you want a great baby carrier, check out ergobabycarrier.com I am lovin' it! I've done the babybjorn type carrier before but this one is way more comfy, versatile, and comes in all sorts of colors/styles. The baby loves it too!

Congrats on your internship!

I am finally mailing out the baby announcements tomorrow, how sad is that.

Ashly said...

Hey, we have a gently used one that we are selling on craigslist as we speak! ;) Its the best stroller EVER...but since we now have two children, it doesn't work for us anymore! When you do need a stroller, I would highly recommend this one. We have owned them all, and this one is the best and the best looking!

Ashly said...

oh and i ditto jenny's comment...the ergo is the bomb.com WAAYYYY better than the baby bjorn!