California knows how to party.

Our trip to California in a nutshell: beach, shopping, food. Can't beat that. Here's some documentation.

Date at Cirque du Soleil in LA, thanks Dana & Beth for watching the munchkin! PS, yes I really am that pale. Very sad.

Isla enjoying the comfy bed at the Marriot in San Diego.

No pictures, please. LA has turned her into a diva!

Room service at the Marriott, YUM.

She is two things in this picture: chubby & very excited to be feeling the sand at the beach.

Oh, that face.

Mid-shopping snack--Mom's shoulder.

Love this! She is in awe of Daddy.

Relaxing after returning home! Notice the rolls on the belly & legs...I think we all gained a few pounds on our trip!

And if you have time...here's a video of Isla's first beach experience (at least her first one awake). She was just a little excited!


Anne said...

this baby is so gorgeous it's ridiculous! looks like a fun trip.

Annie. said...

Mmmm, looks like a DIVINE trip. I really love the photo of Isla in the striped hat. To die for darling!

Alexis Claybaugh said...

Come stand by me and you'll look Mexican! Isla is getting so big, too fast, but so cute!