The Nugget at 9 Months.

For my own personal benefit, I wanted to write a post about Isla at the age she is now. She is growing up so fast and changing so much every day that it blows my mind! I want to be able to remember these sweet days in the future (especially if she's a naughty toddler or a feisty teenager!). So here are some facts about my cute little lady at 9 months of age:


Her nicknames include: Nugget (hence, the title of this post), Isla B., sister, and the usual "sweet girl", "baby girl", etc...

She can sit up, shake her head "no" (oh goodness...), wave, do "popcorn popping" with her hands, say "mama" and "dada", and pinch small things with her thumb and pointer finger.

She is obsessed with a stuffed pig named "Pepper" (pictured above) that was a gift from Andrew's work colleagues. She snuggles it so hard and is often holding her and talking to her when she wakes up in the morning or from her naps. It's the most darling thing in the world.

She loves to empty out the basket of lotions, medicines, etc. under her changing table.

She absolutely loves to drink from a straw, and is known to get excited any time Diet Coke is around--woops!

She loves to eat and is not a picky eater at all...yet. Her favorites include rice, apples, carrots, pretzel sticks, and most baby food.

She can't crawl yet, but likes to be on her tummy and dance. She tries to lean forward and crawl while sitting, but cries when she ends up falling on her face.

She loves to play peek-a-boo.

She laughs A LOT.

She is much more outgoing than she used to be. She is no longer as scared of strangers and is usually pretty friendly to people when we go out places.

She gets SO excited when Daddy gets home from work (and so does Mom!)

She is obsessed with my phone and the TV remote. She also loves to watch movies of herself on my phone.

She is vain and one of her favorite things to do is look at herself in the mirror and jump up and down.

She is VERY bouncy and loves to stand and bounce and bounce and bounce........

And one of my favorite things of all...she now SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT! Woo hoo!

I love her so much and feel so lucky to be her mom!


g. lock said...

love her. love you.

the schmoes said...

ditto andrew. 9 months is so soooo sweet. she is beautiful!