And so it begins.

Tomorrow officially begins my last semester of college, and I could not be happier. In four months, I will be a real nurse! Watch out world. It's only taken my six years! ha. Wish me luck and a speedy semester. I will be working in the Timpanogos Regional Labor & Delivery for approximately 220 hours in the next four months, and I hope to take the NCLEX in early May (gulp).

In other news, we had a splendid Christmas/New Years holiday, apart from the nagging head cold I had most of the time. It was wonderful to spend time with family, and we feel rejuvenated for the new year. I haven't uploaded pictures yet, of couse, because I'm a lazy blogger (if you haven't noticed). My first goal of the new year is to get my pictures up before school gets crazy. Until then!


Matthew and Sara said...
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Matthew and Sara said...

I just discovered your blog and i love it! Best of luck with school, i think you'll be an amazing nurse!