I love good finds.

I love a good find. And, with moving and looking for things to go in our new place and all, I've found quite a few of them! We spent the last week or so giving make-overs to our good finds, and I'm quite happy with the results.

Corner table: donated by Grandma Jeanne, found at a thrift store. Used to be a "blah" light wood color, fixed up with a bit of paint. Total cost: $1.

Antique mirror: bought off Craigslist for 99 cents. Used to be a strange gold, now a lacquered white. Total cost: $1.50.

Letters to spell "EAT": bought from Urban Outfitters in sale for $4 each. Came in black, dark green, and red--not really our colors! Repainted to match. Total cost: $13.

We didn't do anything to this sucker but find it! Brand new from IKEA, last one (floor model), bought for $15! Now we just need a grill to complete the back porch...

Anyway, I love good deals! Andrew does a lot of the work finding them as well, so many thanks to him! Best husband ever.

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Carissa Rasmussen said...

for some reason I can't see the pics???