Ben Folds & the Utah Symphony.

Thanks to some connections Andrew has through working with Deer Valley Resort, we got free tickets to the Ben Folds & Utah Symphony Concert at Deer Valley this weekend. It was a really great concert--very neat to hear him accompanied by the symphony, and to participate in the interactive parts of his show. He's a very fun performer to watch.

In addition to the concert, we got two bonuses:
1. A gourmet picnic basket compliments of Deer Valley (think grapes, cheese, and steak. Yes.)
2. Lots of great people watching opportunities.

Here are some pics of the night:

Ben Folds rockin out on the piano. He's amazing!

The Symphony

Our incredible picnic basket!

The basket with some damage done!


Julie said...

i love ben folds. totally reminds me of my college days. can't wait to see you guys at the reunion.

Amanda Jones said...

Looks like lots of fun and a beautiful venue! I am jealous of that picnic!

the schmoes said...

he is one of the most entertaining live performers i've ever seen! love your blog, leesie!! can't wait to see you guys soon!