Lights and Lockouts

Okay, so the other night we went to Target and bought some garland and lights for the outside of the house! It was like 9:30 at night mind you...and we get home, and what does my wonderful husband do? Puts up the lights like a champ in the freezing cold, just to brighten up my holidays! I love him :) And I love our little house.

Funny story though--I was at home alone studying while Andrew was at class when I decided to take a break and capture his handiwork on film. I get outside, take my shots--all is good. Until, I try to open the front door and it is locked! I locked myself out. No keys. No phone. Car is locked. No neighbors home. And the sun was practically gone, so the temp was dropping fast! I slightly panicked, and decided to walk to our church building to seek shelter (it's right down the street). I get to the church and see a car that looks like my mom's, and a boy getting out who looks just like my little brother...so I run, screaming, through the church parking lot and flag down my mother (with much help from Brennan). It was a small miracle in my week. I think I would have frozen to death if it weren't for that--Andrew wasn't scheduled to be home for another hour and a half!

So anyway, funny story, but it was worth it for the pictures! Ha.

Our child--the cute gnome "Martin", decked out in his little elf hat. So cute.

The cute winter wreath that Andrew's mom bought us! Love it.


Drew+Elise said...

Girl you could have come to our house for shelter too! haha !

I wish we could decorate but we won't really be here for December anyways. Loves!

Carissa Rasmussen said...

I can just picture you running screaming...being locked out is the worst!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your darling house!!!!
Beth xoxoxo