Timpanogos Harley-Davidson

Andrew here. So last Saturday, my buddy Tyler and I went to check out the fairly new Harley-Davidson dealership/museum/cafe in Lindon. Not gonna lie, probably one of the coolest places I've ever been. 70% of the building materials were salvaged from existing warehouses and factories.

Now, I'm not really the Harley type, I'm more into hot rods; but seeing some of the bikes in there made me want to take one out for a ride. Must be the rebel in me. The Harley-Davidson culture fascinates me. A couple months ago I learned that BYU football coach Bronco Mendenhall is a proud owner of a Harley and holds occasional team meetings in a conference room here. In addition, Governer Huntsman frequents the place with his crew of leather bike rats. So it seems as if Harley is a way to escape the norm. Anyways, if you get a chance to go, you'll find it a great experience.


ThE RoOkIeS said...

Andrew I give you props for blogging...usually just the wife does it! I have been to that Harley Davidson its way cool!

Ward said...

I have always wanted a bike. The Harley price tag, my Mom's nagging memories of caution, and the very real injuries I have seen in my profession have kept me away. I did buy a little Schwinn scooter. Vroom, Vroom.

Kim said...

Not to do with the post...I need your address. You are my newest addition to my Christmas card list! Will you send me a quick note with it? Thanks