White Christmas

Well, my dreams for a snow-free winter have been dashed--it snowed this weekend! And it didn't just snow, it covered the entire city in white and dropped about 20 degrees. Andrew is loving it, and I'm less than ecstatic. But, I guess it's all in line with the spirit of Christmas right? We'll see how we all feel in April, when it's still snowing!

On a happier note, our house looks darling all in white :)

And another happier note--we got a Christmas tree! Amazingly enough, it's not the "Charlie Brown" first tree that a lot of married couples get. It was $25 at Smith's--such a steal! Our ornament collection is miniscule, but will expand over the years I'm sure. I also played around with Andrew's "fancy camera" and took more pics of the house.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season, and that those of us in school do well on finals this week!

The Tree!

My fav ornaments--a wedding gift from the Draschils!

The Mantle--the painting was also a wedding gift from some friends in FL

Cute stockings--only two for now!

And of course, the chimney that Santa will come down through! I'm still a kid at heart :)

Driving in the storm. Yikes!


Aubrey said...

Oh wow!!! Your home all decked in snow should be the cover of a postcard. It's darling!!!

[Julie R] said...

So cute. Hey I need your address so I can send you our Christmas card. Can you email it to me. thanks brockandjulie@gmail.com

kate said...

can't wait to see you in a few days! I am so excited for a white christmas!